Concert for Alaska

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Alaska & Vince - 2018 Traintracks

ALASKA UPDATE: Well, sometimes things go well for a week and you get excited thinking everything is alright again. This was one of those times.

Alaska’s presence seems to sadly come and go. Within one day she can act and look like a puppy, and a few hours later be standing and swaying lightly looking lost and confused.

Things aren’t right inside, but we haven’t been able to figure out what yet.

Over the last few days, she wasn’t able to pass anything and vomited bile twice in the mornings. She refused food for a day, even her favorite treat, and just wasn’t herself.

After another visit to Kindred Spirits this morning, we’ve decided to do an ultrasound and go deeper to see if we may have something else going on inside.

I hope for the best, and want to say thank you to everyone who helped out with either attending the upcoming concerts or has donated.

I will update after the ultrasound happens Jan 3rd.

Xo / Vince

Concert for Alaska

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ALASKA UPDATE: The past two weeks have been a slow and steady progression towards health for Alaska thanks to Dr Corinne Chapman at Kindred Spirits Veterinary Hospital. 

Alaska was taken off the previously prescribed vet diet, and put on a natural diet, with a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal supplement.

After a few days of adjustment, she was prescribed a probiotic, which has been a daily thing since, and she started to show clear improvement on this diet/herb/probiotic combination.

As of today, she’s on day 5 of having completely normal stools and is acting mostly like herself again. She’s hungry, and eating like she used to before this all started, she's maintaining her weight and I'm hoping to get her back up to where she was - she's clearly feeling a lot better and I can finally breathe.

She’s still in diapers at night because she still doesn’t hold her bladder every night but we haven’t figured out why.

The next step is to get an ultrasound to make sure we haven’t missed anything else, and possibly have bloodwork done to see how her kidneys/liver are doing since the last bloodwork Dec 5th.

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s supported Alaska.  I appreciate the love everyone has shown her and shown me with the help that came, quite literally, overnight.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I can’t wait to play the Concert for Alaska for all of you and express my gratitude. 

alaska beauty.jpg

I’ll post any relevant updates on her progress here — Thank you so much, XO


Concert for Alaska

Alaska is my beautiful dog. She’s been with me since she was 8 weeks old.

Recently, Alaska got strangely sick, refusing to eat and passing blood among other strange things. Since the beginning of November its been non stop visits to various veterinary clinics, tests, and inconclusive findings. She is on a new vet recommended diet that is causing complications, she’s losing weight enough that everyone who knows her comments on it. She’s tired, and she’s in diapers at night. To get to the bottom of this, she’s likely going to need x-rays, ultrasound, more blood work and urine samples.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked to fund raise for others, this time, I’m doing it for her. I want to afford the best possible treatment for her, and so I thought I would put on the Concert for Alaska.

Please consider attending, as I’ve never wanted to help anyone more than this in my life. Thank you, Vince.

There will be two dates, January 18th in the Cowichan Valley at the Duncan Showroom, and January 19th at Tectoria (777 Fort st) in Victoria. Ticket purchase links to both dates are set up below, as well as a donate link for those overseas or abroad who can’t attend but want to help.

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