Peace out INSTAGRAM! You were an EPIC distraction.

I realized over the past week how much time I’ve gotten sucked into wasting on Instragram. Instead of feeling the moment, and being where my feet are, I often found myself hitting the little camera icon … I’d do it in the middle of a beautiful sunset, a beach day, or while spending time with loved ones.. I’d hit up Instragram at times where I really want to be only where I am.

sunset 1

Studio 1

collage 1

It was an epic distraction, and so its gone.    Find my music here, iTunes, and on Soundcloud.


Love, Vince

Download ‘Oceans’ for free

This EP is one of my favorite works – I gave it so much love. I never felt like people really heard it properly tho… To help that, I’m giving it away for free on Bandcamp. Its setup as a ‘pay what you want’ download – but please, feel free to enter $0.00.

In that, understand that I don’t believe it has no value, I know it does. That’s not the point…or maybe it is. I just want to gift you with it, since it is my favorite EP so far. That’s where I’m coming from.

Oceans is experienced at its best through a pair good headphones, outside, on a wander. So, enjoy it – on me.

Love, Vince.

New Album KOA

Today is the day, #KOA is officially released. Find this ten song ukulele record on iTunes, Bandcamp, and at HTO in Victoria BC.

New Video: Here In My Place

A short film by director/videographer Dave Wallace for “Here In My Place”, the first single from Vince Vaccaro’s new album, KOA.